A Continued Pledge to Renton Students


Gloria Hodge has resided in the Lakeridge/Skyway community for 8 years. She is the Center Director for Hoa Mai Vietnamese Bilingual Preschool and Dragon’s Den School Age Program. Both programs are located in southeast Seattle.

Ms. Hodge’s career has been dedicated to seeing that students are properly prepared for bright futures. Beginning her career as a substitute with Tacoma Public Schools, the brief experience in Title I schools gave her the inspiration to work with vulnerable populations of students. Ms. Hodge worked in two Southern California public school districts with their before and after school and child development programs. She is experienced in developing program models, overseeing facility use, managing state and federal budgets, maintaining licensing requirements, meeting family goals and needs and building bridges between the community and program partnerships.

During her past four years on the Renton School Board, Ms. Hodge collaborated with board members and the administration and has contributed to many key accomplishments. The board has opened two new schools. Sartori is the first STEM school in the district and Risdon is the first new middle school in 50 years. The board will seek the voters help with a new construction bond to build a new elementary and other facility improvements on the November ballot. You can learn more here:   

We selected a new superintendent whose leadership, values, and experience will serve our district and community well for years to come.  We also opened before and after school programs at our elementary schools with Right at School.  

You can also learn about more district accomplishments here:

Where Ms. Hodge resides, families often struggle with barriers/challenges that impact the educational progress of their children. She believes it is important for her to continue to offer a voice for those that may not always know how to navigate systems.   Ms. Hodge is also a committed advocate for bilingualism. Being bilingual provides an individual with many added benefits, both professional and personal. In today’s global economy, a bilingual person truly can gain easier access to clients by being able to communicate in a different language other than just English.

Ms. Hodge is passionate about the community and the success of the Renton School District’s students. She is seeking re-election to continue working with the board and school district to ensure that Renton students are properly prepared for bright futures.

Thank you for your vote for the Renton School Board, District 4! #RSDPRIDE

Quick Stats


*Washington State University Alumni

*Current Renton School Board Member, 

District 4

*Former Renton School Board Vice President

*Founding Center Director, Hoa Mai Vietnamese Bilingual Preschool

*Program Director, Dragons Den School Age Program, Dearborn Park Elementary, Seattle Public Schools

*Former Assistant Director, Office of Child Development, Culver City Unified School District

*Serving on King County Children and Families Strategy Task Force